Member’s Classes

The following NFWS members teach classes and workshops at various locations and times.

Audrey Kay Dowling teaches beginner and intermediate classes, specializing in plein air and painting from still lifes at her gallery, the Portage Hill Gallery in Westfield, NY. She also teaches drawing. Phone 716-753-0134  or email

Kathleen Giles teaches Zoom classes and workshops, and has in person workshops scheduled for 2021 and 2022! She has a Zoom class on November 14, 2020, “Still-life painting with wet into wet watercolor.” She also has prerecorded videos on her website, “a great way to learn.” Phone 716-795-9368 or email Check out her website at

Gord Jones, CSPWC SCA teaches beginner and intermediate watercolour at his studio in Haliburton Ontario. Contact Gord at ph. 905966-7193.

Linda Lucas teaches workshops for all levels in and around Bradenton FL and Buffalo NY. Email Phone 716-867-8087. 

Neelu Manish will teach a 3-day online (Zoom) watercolor portrait workshop for beginners to advanced students, November 26 – 28, 2020.
“I’ll help you develop observation skills, color awareness, simple design principles and learn about light and shadows. Study watercolor painting, and how to mix vibrant colors on your palette. Investigate various techniques and approaches to watercolor with instruction and friendly critiques at the end of the workshop.  Discover how to see color more accurately and how to banish ‘mud’ from your paintings. Experiment with fun techniques to add texture and detail to any subject, from landscape to abstraction. Learn how to find an intuitive balance between control and spontaneity. Build your confidence and skills!”   For further details email Neelu at   

Dan Meyer teaches classes for all levels in Williamsville, Clarence and Akron. Phone 716-633-6282, cell 716-380-3554 or email

Sherryl Perez teaches beginner and intermediate classes in North Tonawanda. For more information on the schedule for small group and online classes, contact Sherryl at  716-807-8227 or email

Sheila Reigh teaches beginner (Tuesdays 1-4 pm) and intermediate (Thursdays 1-4 pm) watercolor classes at the Town of Tonawanda Senior Center for those 60 years and older. Contact Sheila at 716-692-6966, cell 716-930-3305 or email

Denise Sperry offers workshops and private lessons in Williamsville. For more information call 716-634-8907 or email

Roland Stevens teaches Plein Air painting for intermediate and advanced students in Wayne and Yates Counties. Phone 585-455-2259 or email

Jane Stoddard teaches Developing Detail in Watercolor at the Partners in Art in North Tonawanda. Classes are Wednesday mornings from 10 – 1.  “If you prefer detail to impressionism this is the class for you. Learn how to create a detailed drawing, transfer it to paper and layer detail.” Contact Partners in Art at 716-692-2141.

Sally Treanor teaches on-going watercolor classes to all levels at O’Brien Hall, corner of Lafayette and Grant, Buffalo West Side. For more information, contact her at 716-912-1451 or

Sandra Tyler teaches beginning and intermediate watercolor classes in Perry and Wyoming, NY. Phone 585-689-3931.

Deanna Weinholtz teaches weekly virtual watercolor classes on Zoom for the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. Intermediate classes are four week sessions on Tuesday nights. Masters classes are also four week sessions on Wednesday mornings. Workshops are one time classes, two hours each on Thursday nights. For more information contact Deanna at, or visit

Becky Wilson teaches watercolor classes for beginning and intermediate level painters in Lockport, NY. Phone 716-998-9052.

Jody Ziehm teaches watercolor classes at Partners in Art in  North Tonawanda, NY. “Learn to handle the nuance of the watercolor medium including washes, masking, pouring and more. Classes are held Tuesdays 9:30-12:15 and 1:45 – 4:30, Wednesdays 1:30 – 4:30 and 6:30 – 9:15,. Contact Jody at Phone 716-731-4856, cell 716-940-3442 or email