Award Winners! NFWS Fall 2022 Members Watermedia Exhibition

Congratulations to the NFWS Members whose paintings have been selected to win awards in our Fall 2022 Members Watermedia Exhibition. Our judge Monica Angle’s judge’s statement and individual comments are shared below. The award winners can now be seen at the Kenan Center Gallery, 433 Locust Street, Lockport, NY. The Exhibition can be viewed at until November 13, 2022. It’s a stunning show, beautifully juried, and hung. Thank you to Martha Rogala and Janet Ide, co-chairpersons of the NFWS Exhibition Committee, and to Staff and Volunteers at the Kenan Center.

Again, congratulations to all artists who submitted their paintings. Keep painting and stay safe!

A big thank you to Freedom Run Winery for their donation of the wine for the reception. The first thing on their website is “We View Wine As Art”. How appropriate!  Here is a link to their website:  Freedom Run Winery. 

Juror’s Statement:

“It was a pleasure to spend time with the work of this talented group and a privilege to judge the exhibition with images that range from representational to abstract.  Some of the subjects from life transform almost into abstractions, and some of the works generated from an artist’s imagination bring details to life.  Within each image the flow of water shapes a figure, creates a pattern over an object, or suggests quiet depths of a landscape.  Whether working with a subtle range of color, or a bold palette, these artists all use water to move light across the surface.”

             -Monica Angle, Juror for Awards


First Place Award to Catherine O’Neill for “Rome Marching”

Judge’s Comment: The patterns of the warm lights and cool shadows draw us in, and helps us feel the breeze as the artist turns water into a feather.

Second Place Award to Barbara Fox for  “Unencumbered by Nonsense”

Judge’s Comment: In this piece the movement of the water over the surface unites the play of light and the play of the figure.

Third Place Award to Michael A. Cancilla Jr. for “After the Harvest” 

Judge’s Comment: The light simplifies the details and creates a calm space within this rustling pile.

Honorable Mention Award to Jennifer Koury for “Evensong at Emery Park” 

Judge’s Comment: The glowing lozenges of colors flow upward to illuminate this quiet scene.

Honorable Mention Award to Pamela Lynch for “Grandpa’s Boots”

Judge’s Comment: You can still sense the movement of the water used to render the subjects from the girl to the calf, and especially the boots. 

Board of Directors’ Award to Susan Liddell for “Lokrum Island Beauty”

Judge’s Comment: The shape of the bird draws you in and the tail dissolves to form the basis of the landscape.

Margaret M. Martin Award to Shelley Prior for “Kaleidoscope”

Judge’s Comment: The surfaces share their light and color to the viewer and the warmth of the colors soften the hard edges of the glass.

Judge’s Choice Award to Martha Rogala for “Calm on the Lagoon”

Judge’s Comment: This piece uses the feeling of floating in the water to bring us from the foreground to the background which connects the water to the sky.

Judge’s Choice Award to Janet Ide for “Snow Shadows Diptych”

Judge’s Comment: Both images in this study use simple gestures to create contrasts of light and shadow and invite us to compare the two triads.

Judge’s Choice Award to Todd Chalk for “Beach Fantasy II”

Judge’s Comment: This composition combines subtle color and rich contrast to suggest movement.

Judge’s Choice Award to Beverley Hughes for “Beets”

Judge’s Comment: The vibrancy of the subject contrasts beautifully with the delicacy of the rendering of the foliage

Judge’s Choice Award to Anne Zohur for “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”

Judge’s Comment: The color unites the background and the foreground and the contrast between the colors adds to its depth

Judge’s Choice Award to Sallye Keith for “Osceola Bridge”

Judge’s Comment: The reflection leads our eyes up to the subject and around the landscape.