President’s Letter

Hello NFWS friends!

A reminder that we will not do “Show your Artwork Show” for our June meeting. Instead we will have a Zoom demonstration by Andrew Pitt on June 17th. You can read about him and see some of his work on the NFWS website, Calendar

I would like to end by extending thanks to the many people who made this organization run well this year. The Board has been so thoughtful in planning how we handled the pandemic. Mike Killeleahas done yeoman’s work to get demonstrators who are comfortable presenting remotely. Running a workshop in person is stressful, but doing it remotely is a different ball of wax. And Betty Stanton, Phyllis Vasbinder, Jennifer Koury, and Dawn Northwooddid a great job this year. Sue Deweyhas kept our financial house in order. And sheand Carol Siracusedid a fantastic job of managing our Zoom meetings and presentations. Linda Scarafia Davis has gotten our YouTube channel up and running.Marty Kutasand Catherine O’Neillkept our membership together. Deb Meierassisted by Janet Ideput together our shows with help from Carol Siracusewho manages our social media and website. Pam Pollackhelped keep us connected with our members and their families during some sad times. Sally Treanorcontinues to keep our Waterbuckets full of news and Sue Liddellgets them mailed. And finally many, many thanks to Sheryl Perez, our secretary who not only kept the minutes at Board meetings, but also reminded us about meetings and put together our agendas. And sadly we are saying good-bye to her as a Board member since her other commitments are making it too difficult for her to continue.

Next fall, meetings are planned to be remote until things settle down. Look for information about the workshops, shows, and demonstrations on the website and in your email. Enjoy your summer.

Ann Sessions, President


Cell: 716-208-4301