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Take Note!! Our May Members’ Meeting and Demonstration by Skip Lawrence will be virtual, on ZOOM!

The May Meeting and Demonstration was switched to virtual. We welcomed this inspiring teacher and Artist, Skip Lawrence after a brief Member’s Meeting.  Here is a link to our recording of Skip’s demo on our YouTube Channel. 

Skip Lawrence’s Zoom Demonstration


William Skip Lawrence: Expressive Artist
“I love everything about painting. I love feeling the paint, seeing a rich color spread under my brush onto a surface and the play between colors coming together. I love watching my idea take form until a painting finally says “it” and I am surprised and delighted every time. I love sharing my art and knowing that someone is moved by it. 
I see no hierarchy among realism, abstraction, non-objective painting styles. I see only the relationship of colors, shapes, surface and line that either thrills or bores me. When these elements come together to communicate an artist’s intention to the viewer, to connect with someone, it is nothing short of wonderful. 

Join us for an evening of sharing and inspiration!