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Here is your link to our YouTube Channel where you will find links to Michael Holter’s Demonstration and all of the recorded videos of our demonstrations over the past few years.

We hope you enjoy our Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society YouTube Channel.

Here is the link to Michael Holter’s February 15, 2024 Demonstration.

And here’s the link to all the videos on our YouTube Channel.

Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society YouTube Channel. 

Where can you find these links on our website? Click this link: 

The YouTube Channel page on our website.

SAVE THE DATE! NFWS Spring 2024 Workshop with Richard Stephens will be May 13 – 17, 2024.

The Workshop “Lighten Up, Loosen Up” will be held May 13 – 17, 2023 at the Castiglia Center on the Historic Roycroft Campus. Registration Forms will be available here on our website on Monday, February 19th, and will be emailed to all NFWS Members on that date. 

Rick Surowicz’s January 18th ZoomDemonstration for NFWS is on our Youtube Channel!

Here is a link to Ric’s terrifically inspiring and informative January 18th Zoom Demonstration for NFWS now on our Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society YouTube Channel.

Ric Surowicz’s January 18, 2024 NFWS Demonstration