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Rick Surowicz’s January 18th ZoomDemonstration for NFWS is on our Youtube Channel!

Here is a link to Ric’s terrifically inspiring and informative January 18th Zoom Demonstration for NFWS now on our Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society YouTube Channel.

Ric Surowicz’s January 18, 2024 NFWS Demonstration

Here are some photos from our Fall 2023 Workshop with Stan Kurth.

This four day workshop was inspiring and lots of fun. Stan Kurth is terrific! Here are a few photos from the four days.

The First Day~! Holy Cow!

The photographer missed the second day but did get some pics of the third day and Stan’s demonstrations.

The last day ended with a full afternoon critique of each participant’s selected painting. It was a grand afternoon. The participants’ work is awesome, each different, each showing a new and unique approach. Terrific!!