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A Special Thursday Night! June 17th! Andrew Pitt will demonstrate on Zoom for NFWS!

As a special treat we will have British artist Andrew Pitt on Zoom for NFWS Members from London! We will email Zoom invitations on the Monday before the Event!

Andrew Pitt was born in Maldon, Essex in the UK. He started painting at the age of eleven, inspired by watching visiting artist who came to Maldon to paint the Thames Sailing Barges.

Although he is primarily a watercolour artist he also paints and teaches oil painting. 

He has been teaching workshops and residential courses for over 40 years and has held over 20 one-man exhibitions. He has contributed many articles to the English art magazine, “The Leisure Painter’’ and his first book, ‘’Seasons and Reflections: Notes on Painting in Watercolour” was published in 2019. In 2008 Town House Films Ltd produced an instructional DVD called, ‘’Watercolour: Pure and Simple with Andrew Pitt’’.

Andrew lives in Suffolk, England with his wife Rachel and her small flock of chickens.

Here is his Artist’s Statement

Painting, particularly in watercolour, is endlessly fascinating because we are not painting what we know but what we have just found out. My aim is to paint a picture which represents the subject as I see it without compromising the fluid, transparency of the watercolour medium.

To achieve a lively, fresh painting is a high risk activity, but when a watercolour is successful it is difficult to beat using any other medium. I try to keep my technique and materials as simple as possible. I paint using a direct – all a prima – method, which dispenses with the traditional ‘’light to dark’’ approach. I go for the end straight away, the way I want my picture to look when it is finished, using the minimum of planned over-painting; a method which emphasises the freshness, and essential beauty of watercolour. I also want the viewer to feel my paintings celebrate the subject and convey the enthusiasm and pleasure of the artist.