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January Members Meeting and Demonstration by Vicki O’Reilly

For our January 17th Members Meeting we welcome NFWS Signature Member Vicki O’Reilly whose mastery of luminous florals and keen observation of nature and our surroundings delight lovers of watercolor across the Niagara Frontier.

Vicki has shared the following:

“I have admired watercolor paintings my whole life, but until 15 years ago, I had never worked in watercolor. In 1997, I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio art and art history from U.B., taking classes part time while I raised my two children. I also studied locally with a studio artist in portraiture and life drawing in oils, pastels and charcoals. I was first introduced to transparent watercolor when I met Denise Sperry at a figure drawing class and was intrigued by the medium in which she worked. Denise told me that she gave classes in technique, and I immediately signed up. From then on, I have never looked back.
I draw inspiration for my paintings from observation of my everyday environment as well as experience gained in my travels. People are often the subjects of my paintings and at other times I find a landscape or cityscape of a place intriguing. Flowers, however, are a special subject for me and often I find myself drawn to them, wherever I may be. I believe that we all sometimes take the beauty around us for granted and I try to paint in a way that makes people take notice. My goal when I paint is to relate my poetic response to my subject. I will frequently zoom in and exaggerate the color or value to intensify the drama, create a sense of mystery and communicate my excitement. Each painting holds a challenge for me both technically and spiritually, as I work to depict visually what I feel emotionally.
I am a signature member of NFWS and have been honored to receive awards for pieces exhibited in their juried shows. I served on the Board of Directors for 3 years and continue to be active in the society. I am also a longtime member of the Williamsville Art Society where I served as past President and chairperson of several committees. I continue to exhibit in their shows as well and have been honored with several awards. In October 2016, I was accepted as an exhibiting member of the Buffalo Society of Artists. I live in Buffalo, New York and have continued my art education by attending numerous workshops both locally and internationally.”

Everyone is welcome to join us for an entertaining evening of friendship, learning and inspiration.  See you in January!

November Members Meeting and Demonstration by Katie Turner

Our monthly Members Meetings are brief and open to the public. We welcome everyone interested in watercolor, the regional arts community and learning. There is always a demonstration by remarkable watercolor artist, and snacks are provided!

November’s artist demonstrator is Katie Turner! Love her statement –

“When I paint, I am deeply immersed in watching colors mix.  It’s fascinating to play with paint – poking it – leading it – spraying it – coaxing it into walking across the paper.  I almost always see shapes from nature, most always flowers.”                                                     ~ Katie Turner

Originally from Buffalo, Katie is a watercolor artist who loves working on slick surfaces. Exposed to the art world at an early age by her late mother, a watercolorist from Buffalo, Turner continues to develop her individual style with passion and dedication painting evocative, fresh and intuitive pieces.

Although Turner spent many years in the graphic arts field, writing articles, publishing zines and working with various media, she never strays far from watercolor.

Publications: Creative Genius (Book), NLAPW, April 2018; Stone Canoe: A Journal of Arts, Literature and Social Commentary No. 12, March 2018; Celebrating 120 Years of Pen Women Coloring Book, Jan 2018; NLAPW Magazine, Winter 2017 & Spring 2015; In the Company of Women Book, Jacobs Press, June 2016; & several articles in Somerset Gallery Magazines, Scrap & Stamps & more.

Membership: International Society of Experimental Artists (ISEA), National League of American Pen Women (Visual Artist), Signature member of Central New York Watercolor Society, Signature member of Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society, and sitting on the Board of the Central New York Art Guild.


September Members Meeting and Demonstration by Barbara Fox

Our monthly Members Meetings are brief and open to the public. We welcome everyone interested in watercolor, the regional arts community and learning. There is always a demonstration by remarkable water media artist, and snacks are provided!

September’s artist demonstrator is Barbara Fox. What a treat!

Barbara Fox is a painter recognized for still life and floral subjects in watercolor and oil. Her meticulously crafted paintings are exhibited and collected internationally, have received numerous awards, and have been selected for publication in fine art books and magazines. Barbara’s work has been published in four editions of the watercolor publication Splash: the Best of Watercolor Painting. She has been a featured artist in the leading national art magazines American Artist and Watercolor Magic. She leads watercolor workshops around the country, teaching her method of layering washes and painting details. She is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society and the International Guild of Realism, among others.

Barbara’s Artist Statement:

My working method pays homage to the Dutch masters and the tradition of academic painting. I work from life and photographs. Watercolor and oil paintings begin as detailed drawings to which a number of glazes are applied, building deep values and rich colors. The process of completing these works may take many weeks, so I usually have several paintings in process at once. Creating artwork is both a meditation and an adventure that opens my eyes to our beautiful world.

June Show Your Art Show

Here’s an opportunity to see what our members are doing, and to get some gentle constructive advice from two of our beloved artist teachers, Sandy Ludwig and Sally Treanor. Bring in one of your paintings, preferably framed, though a mat works. Pizza and beverage will be a treat from NFWS. Join us for this enjoyable event.

Note that the starting time is 6 pm!





















April Members Meeting and Demonstration by John Merlino

Regional artist John Merlino offers this from his website –
“My focus has always on artistic achievement especially in relationship to natural beauty and landscape.  I have found that working in a dry brush watercolor technique & oil painting are the perfect expressions of  my artistic vision bringing my realism to life.  My unlimited palette includes mixed media collage & abstract paintings built from the soul of inner expression. 
Thank you for your interest & input.”

March Members Meeting and Demonstration by Ron Thurston

“The fresh, bold watercolor in Ron Thurston‘s artwork moves the viewer to experience the sensation of his

landscapes – his intimate body forms use a daring color language, laced with tender lines, shapes,

shadows to produce a satisfying, emotional inventive art current.”   M.A. Sinnhuber Artist/Poet

February Members Meeting and Demonstration by Deanna Weinholtz

Come learn about what’s happening in the watercolor community in Western New York, enjoy the company of fellow watercolor and watermedia enthusiasts, and watch a demonstration by our own Deanna Weinholtz.
Deanna is a watermedia artist from Western New York who is best known for her luminous landscapes and seascapes in watercolor and acrylics. Her creations have been displayed in numerous exhibitions and galleries and have won national and regional awards
Deanna’s inspiration comes from travels throughout the United States and Canada. The Kawartha Lakes in Canada is one of her favorite subjects and is frequently featured in her paintings. She was fortunate to experience growing up at her family’s summer resort on a lake in the Kawarthas. Observing spectacular sunsets over the water and the Northern Lights occasionally dancing across the sky, has inspired a number of her paintings. Transparent watercolor and fluid acrylics are the mediums she chooses to portray her subjects because of their luminescent qualities and ability to layer creating depth. Deanna uses large brushes, rags and her fingers to create spontaneous, intuitive paintings that are a beautiful mix of representational abstract. A graduate of State University College at Buffalo with a degree in design, Deanna worked as a graphic designer for several years before leaving to raise a family. She pursued other artistic professions including designing and dressmaking of wedding gowns, until her passion for painting pulled her back to become a full time professional fine artist. She shares her knowledge and love of painting through teaching and demos. Deanna is a signature member of Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society, an exhibiting member of Buffalo Society of Artists, Pittsburgh Watercolor Society and Buffalo Niagara Art Association. www.deannaweinholtz. com

January Members Meeting and Demonstration by Dan Meyer

What better welcome back after the holidays! Join us on January 18th, the third Thursday of the month, at the Amherst Community Church for a short Members Meeting and a Demonstration by popular teacher and inspiring Watercolor Artist Dan Meyer. Everyone is welcome.

Dan Meyer is a Buffalo born painter who enjoys the challenge of transparent watercolor’s spontaneity and luminescent quality. As a wildlife artist and illustrator, Dan’s creations have won numerous awards and have been featured on posters, consumer packaging and national magazine articles. He exhibits his work at wildlife art shows throughout the year including the prestigious Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, South Carolina and Easton Waterfowl Festival in Easton, Maryland. Dan is a member and past president of the Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society and honorary member of the Central New York Watercolor Society. www.woodswindnwater.com.

With over 40 years of art experience, Dan Meyer has been interpreting his encounters with the avian wildlife of North America through the use of transparent watercolor. His attempt at capturing the essence of his subject is directly related to his emphasis on values and the luminecient quality of the medium.
Dan considers himself a purist when it comes to watercolors, meaning he uses no white paint and tries to avoid opaque colors. The whites of his paintings are the results of painting values around an area leaving the bare paper to create the white. This method of watercolor is one of the challenges that inspires Dan to create new paintings with the same excitement and enthusiasm that he had with his very first painting.
Dan’s inspiration for a painting comes from observing his subject in its natural environment. He gathers information through sketches, notes and photography. In his studio he uses those references to create several sketches of the subject in various positions as part of the design process which will produce an eye-catching and interesting as well as self satisfying painting.
A graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Dan worked in the advertising and packaging fields before pursuing Wildlife Art full time. His images have been used on packaging, posters, textiles and in sportsman magazines. He exhibits at a number of wildlife art shows in the east and shares his artistic knowledge with students through classes and workshops. Dan is a charter member and past president of the Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society and honorary member of the Central New York Watercolor Society.